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January 26, 2005

42 hours without smoking

It's serious, it's not easy to abstain and in my case, yesterday was a disgusting day. Starting with the symptoms. You feel like you can't breathe if you don't smoke, incredible. I also had repeated bouts of nausea during the day, wanting to vomit, cramps, I was agitated... damn, I looked like a heroin or cocaine addict. The anxiety that you kill with your mouth busy, you eat, eat, eat and feel like you've never been full. Yesterday for the first time I ate two whole sandwiches, something unprecedented, especially when you've already eaten a bag of 20 muffins, 4 donuts, a ham sandwich, 6 coffees, 20 gums, and I don't remember what else I ate.

Today I woke up better even though yesterday I took a puff of a cigarette. The experience of taking a puff after not smoking for 24 hours was disgusting but my body was slowly returning me some kind of pleasure, so I closed the curtain and went to sleep. I didn't have the courage to finish the cigarette, I put it out and went cursing to my room.

Yesterday I reached hysteria and a shitty mood, but today I feel more calm... I hope to stay on this path.

I recommend anyone not to stop smoking, they don't know how disgusting it is, I don't know what's worse, what I'm going through or continuing to smoke.